Guide to Pound Cost Averaging

Guide to Pound Cost Averaging
Smoothing out market volatility

This fully personalised 04-page guide asks the questions; So you have a lump sum to invest. What now? Do you invest it all at once or bit by bit? Will soaring inflation, rising interest rates and market volatility impact on your lump sum?

The guide explains how pound cost averaging is based on the principle that when markets are low, you acquire more for your money, and when markets are high, you acquire less. The concept can apply to regular monthly investing as well as spreading the investment of a large lump sum over a period of time.

What clients and prospective clients will read includes: Staying focused on your investment goals; Avoidance of trying to second-guess market movements; Reducing the risk of buying in highly volatile market conditions; Instilling investment discipline no matter what the market is doing; Drip-feeding a lump sum investment into funds in regular amounts; Taking advantage of market down days with regular long-term saving.

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