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What Is Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Emergency roadside assistance is service provided to policyholders when they experience car trouble. Such services can include towing and fuel delivery, changing a flat tire, or delivering you to a nearby service facility. Although you should always check your policy to make sure that it covers these types of services, many policies include them at no extra cost. However, be aware that you may not be covered if your vehicle breaks down in an accident or if the roadside assistance is not provided when you most need it.

Emergency roadside assistance can be added to your current policy or purchased separately when shopping for a new policy. It is a convenient benefit to have and costs little. However, the limits of coverage for emergency roadside assistance may be too low for your needs. If you are unsure about how much coverage you need, check your policy’s limitations and terms. Make sure you have enough money saved for emergencies. If you have no way of paying for major repairs yourself, it is a good idea to set aside a small amount of money for emergency car repair.

Roadside assistance is offered through your auto insurance company or by a third-party company. While the first option may offer the best coverage, it is important to make sure you don’t use this service solely to cover your costs. Credit card roadside assistance limits are notoriously low, and you could end up paying for the majority of the service bill out of pocket. When determining whether you need a roadside assistance policy, consider how much distance you drive on a daily basis.

Some companies offer emergency roadside assistance for free, but others charge for it. The service typically covers a flat tire or other mechanical issue, such as a battery jump-start. It may also cover labor related to vehicle disablement. The cost for roadside assistance can vary from policy to policy, but most plans include the basic benefits you need. A locksmith will help you with lockout issues, but they will usually not be able to get in your car.

A plan that covers emergency roadside assistance can cost as little as $1 per month. The fee includes coverage for up to $75 of service charges. It’s also worth considering if you plan to drive long distances during the year. Consider purchasing a roadside assistance plan for the peace of mind it brings. A good deal of roadside assistance will pay off for itself in the long run. So, be sure to check your car’s maintenance before a big road trip to reduce the chance of an emergency.

A few companies offer emergency roadside assistance. Progressive’s service covers flat tire change, jump-start, and fuel delivery. You may also qualify for lockout assistance. State Farm also offers roadside assistance. This service includes tire change, fuel delivery, and up to an hour’s worth of mechanical or locksmith labor. USAA policyholders can get roadside assistance for free in some cases, but they will need to bring a spare tire with them.

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